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Pets, pet supplies, pet food, pet training

Comments from a pet lover:

I'm going to quote Wayne Pacelle President and CEO of the Humane Society regarding the purchase of pets at your local pet store:

"America's pet overpopulation is such a nightmare that almost eight innocent pets are destroyed every single minute of every single day!

And that's just animals euthanized in shelters. I doesn't include abandoned animals wandering in search of food, shelter and love - who die slowly... alone and in great pain.

Part of our mission here at The HSUS is to make people understand that when they go to a pet store and buy a pet (rather than adopt one from a shelter), that means a helpless puppy, kitten, dog or cat could die....unwanted in a local shelter. And if they knew that the "puppy in the window" came from a puppy mill, they wouldn't buy him or her.

Puppy mills keep the undernourished mother dogs caged, and force them to breed too often - subjecting them to diseases that are passed on to the pups, who then wind up in pet stores.

Why would someone spend hundreds of dollars for that puppy, rather than adopt a loving pet from a local animal shelter - often for only the cost of having thir pet spayed or neutered?

Adman Promotonal Company agrees with those sentiments and honestly I don't see how I could have said it better. Support your local Humane Society - Bill Boyer

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Pets Supplies and Gifts for Pet Lovers All Pets Considered offers some great sifting litter box liners called Sift Clean Liners which let you stop scooping the litter box, and start sifting instead.

All Pets Considered offers a wonderful selection of gifts for pet lovers most of which are available in a large variety of breed choices.

All Pets Considered offers a great car seat for dogs called The Buddy Lookout Pet Car Seat which lets your dog look out the windows while being securely fastened to the cars seatbelt.


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