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We’re book lovers, too, and we built Authoropolis to be the eBookstore for all of us who love to read. We never expected to build a bookstore; we were just looking for a great book to read. But wherever we tried to look, all we found was disappointment and frustration. We couldn’t browse, or wander around, or find an unexpected gem in some unexplored corner. We couldn’t even find anything we wanted to read. So, as book lovers, we decided to build our own eBook store, one where we’d want to hang out and shop and talk to friends about books we love. We decided to build an eBook store with all the warmth and wonder of a beloved bookshop and all of the breadth and immediacy of the best of digital publishing. That site is Authoropolis. As you can see, we’re still new. We’re adding to our inventory offerings from the world’s leading publishers, large and small. We’re still building out some of our functions and adding others. From day one - and no matter how big we get - we have some simple goals:
•Less clutter: we’re focused on providing you with a huge range of quality eBooks, and sparing you the slog through millions of vanity press titles. We’ll give customers space to explore and room to consider the eBooks they find and we will NOT bombard them with advertising or other stuff they don’t want or need.
•Discovery: we’ve always thought that one of the best parts of reading is the exploration, searching for that next, great book to read.
•We’ve powered our search words and category listings to help customers get right to their book; with Authoropolis, they can be curled up reading in no time.
•Customers can wander among different categories. There are no artificial barriers at Authoropolis. So if they’re looking for art books, they’ll see reference, essays, even fiction on that subject.
•Check out our advanced search. We’ve done all kinds of great things with metadata. Yeah, we know, what’s that? Who cares? Well, what it means is that keywords or cross-category searches will show consumers a whole lot more on our site – and we even include fiction! Looking for a World War II novel or a mystery set in Ancient Rome? We can help.
•Books: we are, and will always be, a bookstore. We don’t do baby wipes and bathtubs. We’ve got eBooks - and we’ll help you find a great one.
•We want to be the friendliest place for eBooks, and that means listening to our consumers and giving them what they want and need in an eBook store.

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Audio Books

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