corruption in government
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Responsibility or Corruption Forum

Telling the truth is part of being responsible...

If you want to add your comments to this political forum email us at Responsibility or Corruption Forum We will not publish any information that you do not want us to publish.

Is it really ethical to allow 43 million people to die because insurance companies find ways to betray thier customers so that insurance executives can make more and more money.
- see Keith Olbermann's Special Comment
How can we as a nation point to Afghanistan in indignation about their "corrupt" government when our politicians are blatantly bought and paid for by big business. When politicians vote against their own constituents who want health care reform so that insurance companies can contiue with their robbery of the American public it is obvious who their benefactors are.
The Republicans have shown their true color this last year. They have shown that they are far more interested in getting votes for themselves than they are interested in the welfare of the American People. Meanwhile the Democrats, at least a fair share of them, have shown an interest in accepting the resposibility of governing a nation.

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