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The Republican Party is Not Your Friend

If you want to add your comments to this political forum email us at Not Your Friend Forum We will not publish any information that you do not want us to publish.

This statement is addressed to anyone who is not a billionaire, or paid for by billionaires. This includes most Repubican politicians and some Democratic politicians.
Unless you are a billionaire the Republican Party is not your friend. The Republicans in congress made it very clear this last session of congress who they answer to and it's not the people of this country unless you are a billionaire, or have a large interest in a major corporation. The Republicans were willing to trash the economy, risk your paychecks and some of your very lives so that the very rich could get their tax break. They claim it is to create jobs. This is proven to be a falsehood. Jobs aren't created unless there is a market. Take money away from the middle class and there is no market. The tax breaks will only serve to make the rich much richer. Do you know at whose expense? It's at your expense (unless you're very rich).

The so called "Tea Party" has claimed they want to cut government spending. Where do you think the cuts will be? If you work for any government agency, are retired, are unemployed, are a teacher, student, construction worker, farmer, rancher, factory worker...basically everyone except the very rich....be very afraid. This would have (and still might if they get into power) caused a catestrophic depression unlike anything seen in history.

Are you retired? The Republicans want to cut government regulations that protect your retirement funds, among other things, from unscrupulous financial institutions. This has already had an effect during the Bush years...how did your retirement funds weather those years? Do you think it was the stock market that caused it? What do you suppose allowed that to happen? If it is a mystery to anyone, you need to take your blinders off. Where else do you suppose the "Tea Party" people want to cut government spending? Social Security and Medicare are on their list of targets. These people are not responsible citizens, they are selfish and ignorant. Ignorant because they don't see what's in store for them (unless they are billionaires).

Are you a small farmer or rancher? Do you think globalization and deregulation has helped you? Last I heard you guys were having a hard time staying in business.

Are you a small business owner? Are things getting better for you?

Are you a Christian? Do you think Christian ethics is what guides a party that would be willing to destroy so many lives so that their benefactors could escape paying their fair share of the things that protect and care for all Americans.

Do you have a job in retail? How secure is your job if people stop buying things?

I felt compelled to write this article, blog...whatever you want to call it because things are getting bad, and it looks to me like it's going to get far worse in the forseeable future. With one party in Congress hell bent on feeding and caring for only the very rich, and the other party too weak and fractured to put up a good fight and stand up for responsible government.

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