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No More Middle Ground

There is no middle ground

On every issue there is no real middle ground any more in politics.

Either the rich pay their fair share of taxes or they place that burden on the middle class. Where is the middle?

Either you feel that the rich can afford health care but everyone else does not deserve to be healthy? Half healthy?

Either you want no regulations that protect profits or regulations that protect everyone else. Middle?

Either you want to raise the minimum wage or keep those workers on welfare. Half way just means they're still are on welfare. it has to be enough to be a livable wage.

Either you want large corporations to treat employees as cattle to hire and fire with no chance of job security, or you encourage and respect unions and worker rights. No middle.

Either you want the government to be corrupt or you limit the amount of money any donor can make to politicians. There is no half corrupt politician.

Either you want your parents or grandparents to live in security for their remaining years or you want to put them on an ice floe and send them out to sea. No money = death, but no middle.

Either you want to incarcerate everyone that breaks the even the slightest law so that when they get out of prison they can't get a job, place to live, can't eat so they have to steal to survive so they can go back to prison. Privatizing prisons is tantamount to a system that puts you in prison so that someone else can make a profit.. Middle? A society of incarcerated people is not a society, it is a hell.

Either you have a society of diverse ethnicity that live in harmony or a society where one race that dominates and clashes with everyone else. There is no middle ground. This is also true of religion, philosophy and national heritage as well.

Either you have a peaceful, kind, benevolent society, or a nation where everyone looks out for him or herself that is constantly in conflict, where fear is the base attitude. No middle.
What would you prefer?

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