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Health Care Forum - Heath Insurance or Socialized Health

If you want to add your comments to this political forum email us at Health Care Forum We will not publish any information that you do not want us to publish.

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment - A personal condemnation of the insurance companies.
We Need Your Help to Get Dental Care

Veterans MUST be entitled to Dental Care and Treatment. Our oral health is an integral part of the VA promise to be our "TOTAL HEALTH PROVIDER". We can't have Total Health if dental care is not included.

We served our country, now we deserve the best health care possible and that includes dental. Remember as we get older our medical problems increase and most of these problems are interconnected with our dental health. Believe it or not - our teeth usually become part our problem. Since dental is one treatment not covered we sometimes can't afford it. Some of us are barely getting by with our pension and/or social security.

Now our government is trying to save money at the cost of our overall health?

Did you know that most of our elected officials that have never served in the military. Yet they are the ones who serve on these special VA subcommittees and that dictate what we should receive. Let's tell them that we have elected them to office AND we can UNSELECT them for someone else who will listen to our needs. We have the power - Now Let's us use it. We have the right to have dental care We earned it by putting our lives on the line for our country. We believe the least the government can do for us is to give us "TOTAL HEALTH CARE" which means full dental care to us - "THE VETERAN".

If our government can give away our money to banks and insurance companies, don't you think the least it can do is give us the medical care we need.

For more information you can write to Commander Bruce Copney at 107-02 Merrick Blvd. - #7S, Jamaica, NY 11433 or you can e-mail us at

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