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News and Politics

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

Price: 44.99

Bloomberg Businessweek is a magazine that is devoted to keeping readers informed on what is happening in the business world. Published in the magazine are articles on both global and national economic policies. features on important companies and industries. and articles on innovation and design for those who run businesses of their own.Bloomberg Businessweek is known well for publishing articles on both global and national economic policies. One article. focused on recent changes in China’s economic policies. asks the very important question: “Is what is good for China good for all of us?” Other articles focus on policy and personnel changes in the United States that will have effects on the business community at large.Each issue of Bloomberg Businessweek contains features on important companies and industries. A recent article on the airline industry explores whether or not U.S. Airlines will be able to compete with “big-spending Mideast carriers” and what the answer will mean for consumers and other airlines.Readers of Bloomberg Businessweek who manage their own businesses are treated to articles on innovation and design. Recently published in the magazine is an article detailing what business owners should be learning from the highly publicized public offering of media giant Twitter.A subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek makes a great gift for anyone who wants to be kept up to date on what is occurring in the complex world of business. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Atlantic Magazine

Price: 24.95

The Atlantic is an American magazine founded in 1857 that provides literary and cultural commentary. The magazine publishes articles on American and global politics. business and technology. health topics. education. and much more.The Atlantic is known well for publishing articles on both American and global politics. One recent article challenges a widely held view by Democrats that the country’s shifting demographics guarantee future electoral success for the party. Articles on global politics explore serious topics such as America’s relationship with Iran. strained by the latter country’s nuclear program.Each issue of The Atlantic features articles on business and technology. A recent entry explores the business strategies of for-profit colleges and universities and asks the question of whether they can distance themselves from what one writer calls their “predatory pasts.” Another article focuses on how civics. a topic as old as any other. is changing in times that are becoming highly digitized.Readers of The Atlantic are treated to articles on health topics and education. The writers at The Atlantic publish stories about the dangerous effects of drugs like MDMA that are growing in popularity among American youth. Articles on education cover things like the costs and benefits of an expensive college education and the growing debate about the types of homework assignments that lead to thorough learning and understanding.A subscription to The Atlantic makes a great gift for anyone who would enjoy well-written articles on the state of American culture. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to The Atlantic.

Consumer Reports Money Adviser Magazine

Price: 29.00

100% unbiased monthly financial newsletter. (No advertising. No commercial ties) Easy-to-read articles. tips and strategies to help you maximize your returns and make your personal financial decisions with confidence.

Editor & Publisher Magazine

Price: 79.00

Editor & Publisher covers the production. news and business areas of the newspaper industry. E&P has a reputation for thorough. honest reporting of industry news. as well as reliable. well-researched. industry directories and guides.

New York Magazine

Price: 29.97

New York Magazine is a weekly magazine that is dedicated to the culture and lifestyle of New York City. The magazine publishes articles on news and politics. reviews of popular bars and restaurants. and articles on fashion.New York Magazine is known well for its informative articles on current events. The magazine publishes news stories that deal with business. real estate. sports. and other current events that are relevant to the lives of everyday New Yorkers. One recent article takes a look at neighborhoods across the city that are emerging as some of the best places to live in the region.Each issue of New York Magazine contains features on popular bars and restaurants. Provided are professionally written reviews of many of New York’s most popular restaurants. which also happen to be some of the best restaurants in the world. Glimpses are offered into recent. upcoming restaurants that are offering new and exciting types of cuisine. The writers at New York Magazine publish reviews of popular bars and nightclubs to help readers find that one place in a thousand that they could call their own.Readers of New York Magazine are treated to articles about fashion. Each issue contains features and interviews with many of the top fashion designers in the city. which many consider the center of the fashion world. Articles are published that explore recent fashion trends. including information about stores that carry the clothing and accessories necessary to recreate the trends at home.A subscription to New York Magazine makes a great gift for anyone who lives in New York City or is interested in the city’s culture and lifestyle. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to New York Magazine.

Fortune Magazine

Price: 19.99

Fortune offers readers an unparalleled look at business and economic news. with incomparable access to business drivers around the globe.

The Economist Magazine

Price: 127.00

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores domestic and international issues. business. finance. current affairs. science. technology and the arts. Your subscription to The Economist includes the print-only edition.

Jet Magazine

Price: 19.97

Jet is a weekly American magazine started in 1951 that is marketed toward African-American readers. The magazine offers news coverage of current events. sports news. and articles on lifestyle and entertainment.The writers at Jet provide readers with serious and professional coverage of current events. The magazine is known for its coverage of the Civil Rights Movement from the 1950s to the present. Also included in Jet is news on politics in the United States as well as events around the world.Jet is known well for its coverage of American sports. Offered in the magazine is coverage of top teams in American leagues like the National Basketball Association. the National Football League. and Major League Baseball. The magazine publishes interviews with African-American athletes competing in these leagues about the states of their sports and American sports as a whole.Readers of Jet are treated to articles on entertainment and lifestyle. Included are features on popular movies. television shows. and musicians. like two recent stories on Beyonce and Lauryn Hill. Also included in Jet are articles on beauty and fashion focusing on trends that are set by popular African-American celebrities.A subscription to Jet makes a great gift for any African-American man or woman who is interested in sports. current events in the United States. and news from around the world. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Jet.

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