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Magazines - Your favorite magazine subscriptions at the lowest prices on the web. Magazine price comparison tool shows you the cheapest place to buy.

American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

Price: 21.97

American Patchwork and Quilting is a magazine that is devoted to the art of quilting. The magazine features countless quilting patterns. as well as tips and advice on different quilting and sewing techniques.American Patchwork and Quilting is known for the amount of quilting patterns that have appeared on its pages. The magazine’s staff have published tons of patterns ranging from patterns that are meant to match certain color schemes and design plans to those that are holiday or seasonally themed. The patterns that are included suit those with varying levels of ability and while some might take days to complete. others are quick and relatively easy.Each issue of American Patchwork and Quilting contains tips and advice on different quilting techniques. The magazine’s experts instruct readers on the skills and techniques necessary to complete some of the more challenging patterns that are published. Readers are even treated to feature stories on designers and other professionals involved in quilting. One recent feature profiles Tula Pink. a designer and author who is known for blending old and new styles together to create distinctive fabrics and patternA subscription to American Patchwork and Quilting makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in quilting. whether they are an expert or are just starting out. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to American Patchwork and Quilting.

American Photo Magazine

Price: 12.95

This magazine is for men and women interested in creative photography. It profiles the personalities behind the lens and their contributions to art. history. fashion. journalism. and advertising. American Photo often features reviews of exhibitions and books. readers' photos and requests and picture portfolios and stories on working professionals.

American Woodworker Magazine

Price: 24.98

This is a how-to magazine edited for the woodworking enthusiast seeking to improve his or her skills. Feature articles provide in-depth coverage of woodworking tools. materials. techniques and supplies. Project articles feature plans and instructions for building furniture and other items.

South Carolina Game & Fish Magazine

Price: 19.00

An outdoorsman's guide to fishing and hunting in the Palmetto State.

Seventeen Magazine

Price: 12.00

Seventeen is an American magazine written for teenagers that was first published in 1944. The magazine features articles about beauty and fashion. relationship advice. and articles on health and fitness.Seventeen is known well for its articles on beauty and fashion. The magazine regularly publishes fashion advice from popular celebrities like Lily Collins. Also offered are shoe guides and guides for other accessories that provide information about costs and stores that carry the products in the guides. The writers at Seventeen publish reviews of makeup and other beauty products so that readers know which products work and which do not.Seventeen is also known for publishing advice on dating and relationships. The magazine publishes date ideas for couples who want to have fun and romantic nights out together. Also published is advice for couples who feel like they are growing apart and want to repair their relationships.Readers of Seventeen are treated to articles on health and fitness. Workout advice is provided by professionals on proven weight loss and fitness techniques. Many articles explore ways in which popular celebrities are exercising. sharing their fitness secrets with readers.A subscription to Seventeen makes a great gift for any teenage girl who is interested in beauty. fashion. celebrities. and fitness. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Seventeen.

Sew News Magazine

Price: 21.98

Sew News is a bimonthly magazine that is devoted to the sewing community. The magazine publishes project ideas and patterns. as well as tips and advice on different sewing techniques.Sew News is known well for publishing countless patterns and project ideas. Included in the magazine are detailed patterns that are suited for both beginners and experts. The patterns in Sew News range from accessories like change purses and pillows to garments like sweaters and trousers. Many of the patterns published by the magazine’s experts are holiday themed. while others are meant to match specific color schemes year-round.Readers of Sew News are treated to tips and advice on different sewing techniques. Many of the guides in the magazine instruct readers on tastefully altering their wardrobes. One recent issue teaches readers to “transform plain pants into trendsetting trousers.” Another guide in the same issue teaches readers a technique that will ensure they take accurate measurements each time they perform sleeve fittings.A subscription to Sew News makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in sewing and would enjoy access to new patterns and guides for different sewing techniques. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Sew News.

Angels on Earth Magazine

Price: 19.95

Angels on Earth is a magazine published by Guideposts. an organization dedicated to providing hope. encouragement. and inspiration to people of faith. The magazine offers inspirational stories about people who behave in the way of angels. providing help to people in their most wanting times of need.Angels on Earth has published inspirational stories involving people affected negatively by war. One writer tells the story of children in a European town who were not expecting to celebrate Christmas because of World War Two. The children were surprised when American soldiers threw a Christmas party for the town. complete with a Santa Claus and accompanying angels to help hand out gifts. Another story documents a night when American and German soldiers were able to put their differences aside and sit down together for a Christmas dinner in the home of a very frightened German civilian.Readers of Angels on Earth are also treated to stories about earthly angels in everyday life. One story follows two families whose homes were destroyed by an actual tornado. One of the family’s children lost her kitten in the storm and was devastated. A few weeks later. a cat owned by the other family gave birth to a litter of kittens. One of the kittens was colored pure. angelic white. and this kitten quickly became the favorite of both families. The mother who owned the kitten looked on with joy as the kitten helped her children overcome the tragedy of losing her home. but was brought to tears when the children offered the cat to their neighbor’s daughter to help her cope with losing her pet.A subscription to Angels on Earth makes a great gift for anyone who has made faith a part of their life and would be inspired by stories of people who act in the way of angels. providing help for those in need. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Angels on Earth.

Animal People Newspaper Magazine

Price: 24.00

ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent publication covering animals and animal protection efforts worldwide. emphasizing original investigative reporting--both from the field and in hot pursuit of paper trails--on topics ranging from animal care-and-control in your own home town to zoological conservation in the middle of nowhere.

Antiques & Fine Art Magazine

Price: 24.95

Antiques & Fine Art Magazine is the leading magazine for the sophisticated antiques and fine art audience. Unsurpassed in quality and recognized as the new magazine of record for those interested in antiques and fine art through the 20th century. no other magazine combines exclusive features on collectors¿ homes. historic resorts. noteworthy sales. market trends. and investing. with educational articles and highlights. All with the largest advertising base of America¿s leading galleries. dealers. and auction houses.

Shambhala Sun Magazine

Price: 19.95

Shambhala Sun is an independent bimonthly magazine that offers a nonsectarian view of Buddhist and other contemplative traditions. Many of the magazine’s articles are devoted to helping readers apply these traditions and principles in everyday life.Each issue of Shambhala Sun contains articles that introduce readers to the principles of Buddhism. In one recent issue. author Victor Chan writes about a morning he spent with the Dalai Lama. spiritual leader among Tibetan Buddhists. Mr. Chan has interviewed His Holiness several times about the tenets and traditions of his faith. The magazine features the work of many other Buddhist writers and teachers who are happy to share their views about their faith with readers.Shambhala Sun is known well for publishing articles on applying Buddhist principles over the course of everyday life. Many of the entries in Shambhala Sun explore the benefits of including meditation in one’s daily routine. One article titled “No Time to Meditate” focuses on what author Tina Welling calls the “real reason we don’t meditate.” implying that we can all find the time if we want to. A lighthearted article that appeared in a recent issue tries to answer the question of why Americans seem to get angry over every little thing.A subscription to Shambhala Sun makes a great gift for anyone who is a follower of the Buddhist faith or is interested in Buddhist and other contemplative traditions. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Shambhala Sun.

Shape Magazine

Price: 18.97

SHAPE magazine is edited to deliver useful techniques and an understanding of fitness. Top experts from diverse fields of exercise. nutrition. psychology and beauty join forces with nationally known journalists to make each issue a how-to manual for a healthful lifestyle.

Tathaastu Magazine

Price: 33.00

Tathaastu (So Be It) is devoted to helping people lead a happy. peaceful. holistic life. It celebrates a healthy. spiritual way of living in peace. harmony and dignity. Tathaastu explores in depth yoga and fitness. nutrition and diet. and alternative therapies such as ayurveda. homeopathy. Chinese herbals. and home remedies.

Tattoo Magazine

Price: 39.99

The World's Best Selling Tattoo Magazine. Here's a look at the most exquisite examples of skin art you'll see anywhere. Each monthly issue takes you on a tour of fascinating illustrated people from around the globe. Meet top international ink slingers and their living canvasses. Explore close-up in-the-flesh examples of all tat styles- biker. traditional. military. Oriental. blackwork. neotribal. full-blown custom- it's all here.

Bassmaster Magazine

Price: 25.00

Bassmaster is a magazine published by the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society that is dedicated to the sport of bass fishing. The magazine publishes bass fishing tips and advice. gear reviews. features on professional anglers. and coverage of Bassmaster tournaments.Bassmaster is known well for the bass fishing advice that appears in each issue of the magazine. Offered are opinions from bass fishing professionals about the spots. bait. gear. and techniques they have found success with. Also offered are detailed guides for both basic and expert fishing techniques like one set that is meant to help readers take bass in shallow waters.Readers of Bassmaster are treated to gear reviews written by experts of the sport. Featured in the magazine are reports written by fishermen about popular lures after fishing with the lures for hours on end and in different locations. Bassmaster publishes reviews on professional gear such as top-quality rods and fish-finding electronics.The writers at Bassmaster publish features on professional anglers as well as coverage of popular bass fishing tournaments. Included in the magazine are interviews with anglers not only about their gear and location choices but also about their thoughts on the sport of bass fishing as a whole. Also included is in-depth coverage of tournaments like the Bassmaster Classic and Elite Series complete with photographs.A subscription to Bassmaster makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys the great sport of bass fishing. whether they are just starting out or competing in local tournaments. On our website. you can either order a new subscription for yourself or as a gift. or you can easily renew a subscription to Bassmaster.

BBC History Magazine

Price: 75.00

BBC HISTORY aims to shed new light on the past to help you make more sense of the world today. History is rich in fascinating stories. and you'll find great tales in every issue of the magazine. BBC HISTORY brings history to life with informative. lively and entertaining features written by the world's leading historians and journalists and is a captivating read for anyone who's interested in the past.

BBC Music Magazine

Price: 79.95

BBC MUSIC is passionate about the world of classical music and provides an expert monthly guide to everything an enthusiast needs to know. Covering all aspects of live events. broadcast and recordings. it gives you unrivalled access to the greatest musicians. the sharpest writers. and the opinions that matter. Each issue also comes with an exclusive cover CD presenting a complete BBC work.

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