You Want to be a Vegetarian
Getting Healthier...

Staying young and healthy is where the quality of life begins.

You are what you do, what you eat and drink. How your body processes what you eat and drink and what your body tells your immune system to do.

Be who you want to be... Staying young and vital, free from pain and disease. A long life with the good health to enjoy it. Free from taking and spending hundreds of dollars on perscription drugs and doctors visits.

Get healthier, feel good, and live life to it's fullest. We all get older, but we don't have to feel it or look it... D. E. Boyer
I hope these pages bring you closer to a healthy life.
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Vegetarian recipe list

Vegetarian Recipes:
Alfredo - Ricotta Sauce
Meatless Chicken Caccitore
Meatless Meatloaf
Oriental Sweet and Sour Dinner
Suted Yams
Soy Ham Casserole
Vegetarian Holiday Dressing
Vegetarian Sausage & Peppers

So You're a Vegetarian?... - Some insights into eating healthy through vegetables.
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