Let's Talk Turkey

(or a turkey's prayer)

God bless the vegetarian on Christmas Day,
You have dinner, but you find a way,
To have your fill without cooking a bird,
And to that I'd like to say a word,
About all you nice people who don't have to kill,
a turkey like me to fill the bill.
We have a right to live out our lives,
without living in fear of the butcher's knives.
We do silly things...we're not very smart,
but that doesn't mean we don't have a heart.
A heart god gave us to keep us alive,
not sold by the pound at $1.25.
What gives you the right to kill us for dinner,
If you'd eat only vegetables you would be thinner.
Your health would improve and we'd thank you a bunch,
if you just wouldn't think about having us for lunch.
Please let us live, don't make us die,
you could always have some extra pie.
We may be dumb, but we think you should look,
for something else that you could cook,
to serve to your family on Christmas day,
maybe we'll be spared and you'll find a way
to feed everyone and still let us live,
that's the very best present you could give.
In the spirit of Christmas, please open your heart,
please buy something else, keep us out of your cart.
Well, I might be next so I'd better go,
just thought this was something you ought to know.

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DE Boyer