Innocent Food

In my travels in the city where I live, I had occasion to drive by a pasture where seven to ten cows graze. I felt for those animals grazing, lying down, staring blankly ahead, biding their time. And for what... were they future food for someone? How sad I felt. What discompassionate treatment they endure until the moment of their death. Then I began noticing that a few of the cows were pregnant. I felt relieved, but at the same moment I wondered what of the calves? The calves were born, four or five I think. They were so small, so cute, so dependent on their mothers; So close as they lazed about under the trees. I looked forward to the sight of those calves and watched them grow from helpless babies to almost half grown. Like magic they dissappeared. Then what seemed like only a couple of months went by and the cows were pregnant again; and again I was watching a brand new group of calves trying to grow up. No question where the expression "breeder cows" comes from. No good for anything else but for providing meat for the masses. Those poor little calves were being "processed", and in the final analysis, sold for sad I felt. - Doris E. Boyer

Another Viewpoint on Animal Rights

How can anyone who believes in animal rights consider meat part of their diet. If you believe that animals have a right to life without pain, torture and abuse how do you justify the unspeakable things they have to go through before part of them reaches your dinner plate? How do you separate yourself from the abuse long enough to chew and swallow meat? Someone said to me "I'm not hurting the animal because it's already dead before I buy it." I seldom find myself in a position where I am at a loss for words, but this was one of those times. As quickly as I regained my composure, I realized anything I said would be held as argumentative and it just didn't seem worth the trouble. I had a lot of nifty comebacks that I could have used, but I would rather try to describe an elephant to a blind least they would want to learn. - Doris E. Boyer

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DE Boyer