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Vegetarian Guide
  • Bloom where you are planted


You are what you think you are,
what you do, eat, drink, take, give and
wear. If you think you are unworthy, you
will act that way. If you take care of
yourself, eat healthy food and, you will
be healthy. If you drink alcohol on a
regular basis you are destroying body
parts, inside and out (wrinkles are one
side effect). Your immune system all but
shuts down. If you take anything that
alters your state of mind you are a user,
maybe just a little bit, but still a user.
(It's not possible to be just a little
bit pregnant). If you dress
inappropriately, people will misjudge
you. If you don't have any pride in
yourself, no one else will. You cannot
leave everything up to chance, and when
that something "goes wrong", act
surprised like you can't imagine what
happened. you don't close your eyes when
you cross the street, why would you want
to live life that way?
by D.E. Boyer


Becoming a vegetarian can be
an easy move. Just say no to meat. It's
more humane, it's healthier, you'll feel
better, have more energy, and you'll
look better. If any of these things are
important to you this newsletter will
help you bridge the transition. We hope
you like what you see.
- Doris


...Everybody has it? Maybe; if so why
don't we see more of it. Since we see
so little of it these days it should
be called "Uncommon Sense"!


Suprisingly having a beautiful complexion is an easy and simple procedure. The most difficult thing I have found is the disipline to follow this procedure 2 times a day... no matter what. If you are tired, sleepy, angry, in a hurry, still have to do it. Here's all you do:

  1. Once a week wash your face and neck with a soft cleansing puff and a mild face soap (bar or liquid).
  2. Every night before bed and the next morning - wash your face and neck with a clean wash cloth and warm to hot water (no soap), twice. Do not dry your face.
In both instances you must apply a generous finger-tip application of both P.C.A. cream and Alpha Hydrox cream. Blend together and smooth over your face and neck.
In the case where you must put make-up on "right away" - comb your hair first to give the creams time to soak into your skin.
That's it... that's all you have to do. I am 64 (as of the photo) and I have the wrinkle free complexion of a 40 year old. Check out my Vegetarian Site photo.

Here's some great Vegetarian web sites I have found....

Kind Planet - Vegetarian recipes.
Vegan Action - A nonprofit organization that educates the public about the many benefits of the vegan diet and lifestyle.
VegDining - Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants Around the World
Vegetarian Societies and Organizations - A good list of local Veggie organizations accross the United States and Canada.
VegSource - Vegetarian information resource and on-line community.
Vegetarian Times Magazine - Official site for the Vegetarian Times Magazine.
Veggie Chef - Marie Oser's web site. Columnist who writes the "Enlightened Kitchen" vegetarian news column.

DE Boyer