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From the University of Michigan. Search for forecasts in your city or in your destination if you are traveling. Also links to city by city forecasts, other weather sites, Canadian weather and much more.

Orlando weather - Average temperature ranges from lows of 48-72 in January, to highs of 73 to 91 throughout the summer. Rainfall is the lowest in November, averaging 1.77" to the highest of 7.80" in July. Summer months are refered to as the "rainy season", June-August. NO SNOW.

Cancun Weather - Average daytime temperature is 80 degrees, with only about a 5 degree variation year-round. Rainfall is moderate, with heavier rainfall during the summer months. NO SNOW.

Bahama Weather is mild year-round. If your traveling during the summer months be aware of possible hurricanes if they come up.

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Get a 5 day forecast for the Bahamas; as well as other important and interesting information.

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