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Green Books

Natural Beekeeping, Revised and Expanded Edition

Price: 34.95

Today's beekeepers face unprecedented challenges, a fact that is now front-page news with the spread of "colony collapse disorder." Newly introduced pests like varroa and tracheal mites have made chemical treatment of hives standard practice, but pest resistance is building, which in turn creates demand for new and even more toxic chemicals. In fact, there is evidence that chemical treatments are making matters worse.
It's time for a new approach. Now revised and updated with new resources and including full-color photos throughout, Natural Beekeeping offers all the latest information in a book that has already proven invaluable for organic beekeepers. The new edition offers the same holistic, sensible alternative to conventional chemical practices with a program of natural hive management, but offers new sections on a wide range of subjects, including: The basics of bee biology and anatomy; Urban beekeeping; Identifying and working with queens; Parasitic mite control; and Hive diseases. Also, a completely new chapter on marketing provides valuable advice for anyone who intends to sell a wide range of hive products.


Price: 34.90

Wormania! offers kids a rare opportunity to view exciting images of live worms at work, and demonstrates how anatomy and physiology can be taught without having to dissect the worm.

The Worm Cafe

Price: 29.95

Teacher Binet Payne and her students helped reduce her middle school's waste disposal fees by $6,000 a year through composting lunchroom food wastes with redworms. Contains earthworm diagrams, bulletin board materials, quizzes, a letter to parents, charts, work sheets, posters, dozens of resources, and a 30-page annotated guide.

Roots Demystified

Price: 25.00

Roots Demystified explains simple solutions for growing healthy roots and, thereby, healthier plants. The book explores the subterranean part of every gardeners world, revealing how roots really grow while correcting common errors such as where most gardeners apply water, mulch, and fertilizer or compost. This is the first and only book in print for gardeners with such an extensive number of illustrations of garden and orchard roots. The roots covered underlie lawns, prairies, shrubs, vegetables, fruit trees, and native and ornamental trees. Practical tips for how a gardener can use this information to create more abundant vegetables, better lawns, and sturdier trees and shrubs are offered with each of the 70 illustrations. Roots Demystified also describes several ways to garden without turning the soil--no-till and surface cultivation--a plus for aging baby-boomers.

Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates

Price: 24.95

Drip irrigation is the best way to help any plant flourish and survive tough times, especially short or long droughts. Pick the wrong Đstuff Ó and you easily can feel overwhelmed. Robert Kouriks Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates clearly explains how to use less water yet increase the yields of vegetables and promote the growth and flowering of all plants‹trees, shrubs, and container plants‹in any climate, even where it rains irregularly.

Growing Great Garlic

Price: 16.95

Growing Great Garlic is the definitive growers' guide written by a small scale farmer who makes his living growing over 200 strains of garlic. Commercial growers will want to consult this book regularly.

The Backyard Orchardist

Price: 16.95

...packed with down-to-earth information that the home gardener and master gardener crave.--Journal of Small Fruit and Viticulture

The Backyard Berry Book

Price: 17.95

Packed with reliable methods and details of berry growing for all regions of the country.

Pastured Poultry Profit$

Price: 35.00

A couple working six months per year for 50 hours per week on 20 acres can net $25,000-$30,000 per year with an investment equivalent to the price of one new medium-sized tractor. Seldom has agriculture held out such a plum. In a day when main-line farm experts predict the continued demise of the family farm, the pastured poultry opportunity shines like a beacon in the night, guiding the way to a brighter future.

Salad Bar Beef

Price: 35.00

Beef can be lean and good for you when it is not a product of the industrial agriculture machine--Salatin brings us back to small scale family farming and teaches us how to make "salad bar beef."

You Can Farm

Price: 35.00

Starting and succeeding in a farming enterprise.

Family Friendly Farming

Price: 35.00

A well-written, easily read book on raising a family, children, and running a farm for a profitable business.

Holy Cows and Hog Heaven

Price: 17.95

Holy Cows and Hog Heaven encourages every food buyer to embrace the notion that menus are a conscious decision, creating the next generation's world one bite at a time.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

Price: 23.95

Salatins expert insight explains why local food is expensive and difficult to find and will illuminate for the reader a deeper understanding of the industrial food complex.

The Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

Price: 25.00

Foodies and environmentally-minded folks often struggle to understand and articulate the fundamental differences between the farming and food systems they endorse and those promoted by Monsanto and friends. With visceral stories and humor from his own half-century as a lunatic farmer, Salatin contrasts the differences on many levels: practical, spiritual, social, economic, ecological, political, and nutritional.

The Slate Roof Bible

Price: 40.00

Completely revised, greatly expanded and updated version of the award-winning The Slate Roof Bible, with six new chapters and 330 color photos and drawings. The down-home style of Joseph Jenkins converts potentially tedious subjects like slate geology, roof safety, tools, installation, and repairs into readable delights.

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Green Books

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