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It's time to fight Google

Googles acquisition of Double Click underlines my fears of two years ago when Google decided to go on a campaign against web sites that depended on advertising revenue. Ever since Google went public we have seen a decline in PR and Google traffic no matter how much content is served by a web site. The reason is obvious. Google wants to completely dominate advertising on the web.

Most webmasters are cowered by Google's power and try everything from building Adsense sites to constantly redisigning their sites to meet with Google's "approval"...higher PR ranking.

Frankly if webmasters ignored Google, stop linking to Google...etc. perhaps Google would start realizing that their popularity was originally created by other webmasters. That same popularity can be reversed.

- Bill Boyer, webmaster.

General Webmaster Resources
Getting started

W3Schools - Good reference lists of html tags.

HTML Goodies - Good beginners guide.

HTML Code Tutorial

Learn HTML: Learn the Foundations of HTML - This text and image-based tutorial is perfect for those learning HTML for the first time as well as those who just need a quick reference.

Web Site Submission

AddMe - Search Engine Optimization - submit your site to the search engines.

Ways to create revenue for your web site - Good system. Recommended.

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