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Adman Web Site Marketing

Adman Promotional Company has been offering advertising and internet marketing services since 1996, We honestly hope and strive to become a valued tool in your marketing strategy. Here is our various marketing packages:
  • Brochure type websites - Need a brochure on the web? We can take care of everything for you for a surprising low price.
  • Text links - Get traffic and connectivity to the web.
  • Banner advertising - Eye catching and targeted advertising.
  • Internet billboard advertising - Eye catching and front page effective.

    For more information call our toll free number at:
    (352) 346-6271

    Advertising Disclaimers

    Advertising acceptance policy: Absolutely no smut, bad language, hate language, etc. If you don't want your daughter to see it, neither do we. No chain letters, No inappropriate capitalization or weird character streams. We reserve the right to edit the description. Make sure your web address is correct for links.

    The Orlando Mall shall not be liable for and shall be held harmless for any ad content of any advertising placed here. The Orlando Mall shall not be liable for any typographical errors, missing ad copy or any other errors in publication except to the cost of that portion of the ad wherin the error occurred. For errors, omissions, or failure of an ad to appear, the client is responsible for notifying the Orlando Mall within 5 working days of publication, The Orlando mall reserves the right to refuse any ad. All advertising must be prepaid. The Orlando Mall makes no claims, warrents or guarantees regarding effectiveness, or responses of any advertising. No refunds of work done. Cancellations can only be made prior to publication.

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