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Link Management

An effective exchange link program is very time consuming. However, exchange links are one of the best ways to gain prominence in the search engines for your web site. In order to make the best use of exchange links these rules must be followed:

1. the link pages (exit pages) are within 2 clicks of the home pages, unless the page ranking is high enough to support a good exchange.
2. There is no robots.txt forbidding access to the exchange links.
3. they are not in frames (not indexable)
4. They are not database generated.(not indexable)
5. The sites are not porn or other objectionable format.
7. The path to the exchange links are not javascript links.(not indexable)
8. Must be on a page or directory that reflects at least the correct general or relevant category. Not too many links of different category on the same page. Link farm.

Let us do this work for you.

Step #1
monthly - $60.00
billing - paypal on a monthly subscription basis. * (Paypal accepts Visa and Master Card, however, if you don't want to deal through Paypal, call us with your credit card number)

Step #2

Step 2. Email us with your relevant information (the more info the better) HERE
(We respect your privacy. This information will only be used by Adman Promotional Company. We do not sell our customer information.)

If you need to talk to a live person call us at:
(352) 346-6271

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